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A Podcast About Business, Weddings and Social


In October of 2010, three dudes decided to get together and provide a beautiful disaster called the Rockstar Podcast which lasted 26 Episodes plus a few side episodes over a 2+ year span. Those dudes…

Lorenzo Araneo, Tony Tee Neto and Mariano DiFabio made up the cast of the Rockstar Podcast. Together they discussed everything from Business to Social Media to Weddings and absolutely ANYTHING in between. We were honored to have many guests come on the show from all sides of the business and wedding world that included even a destination podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk and another LIVE podcast at a bar in front of a live audience in Red Bank, NJ. Other guests included WeddingWire.com’s CFO, Sonny Ganguly, Jason Jani of SCE Event Group, Mike Walter of Elite Entertainment, Micah Baldwin of Graphicly, Techstars and Amazon, and Erik Kent of NJWedding.com. The podcast ended on good terms, life and work became busier and we “took a break” and now we are back!




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Spending a few minutes with us humbles me and I hope you get something out of our podcasts and website. As far as myself, I am a self-employed designer for the past 5 years. I provide services ranging from print & web design to media design and specialize in Wedding Design. You can view my Design Studio website at Screaming Lunatic and my Wedding Design division, Sofia + Abbie Wedding Design. I also provide consultation for Social Media and Marketing across the web and mobile world. I am…A Digital Nomad. Social Internet Engager. Connoisseur of Visual Stimulation. Blogger. Podcaster. Member of the Religion known as The New York Rangers. I dominate in Spades, Volleyball and Ping Pong.

Tony Tee

In the early 2000s, I became focused on the next branch of my career tree: voice-overs and audio production. I took the dance music production skills I’d acquired making music, and focused on applying them to “imaging”, also known as “audio branding.” With that, I educated myself on voice-acting and followed the practices of the many professionals I’d listened to quietly. Today, I produce and voice radio commercials for big and small businesses, training videos, and imaging for DJs worldwide.

Of course, Drop House is also the studio where Rockstar Podcast gets recorded, edited, and mastered. But you probably figured that out already. So no matter what the other guys say, I make them sound great!

Enjoy the ride  ~ tee


I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to talk about my experience running a small business, and I hope through these podcasts I’m able to help you learn more about yours.  I’ve been lucky to surround myself with a lot of amazing people at Avelient and I’m really proud of the organization we’re becoming.  Hopefully some of my experience will help you too!

When I’m not working I’m spending lots of time with my wife and kids, all of which I adore.  You’ll probably see me mention them occasionally on Avelient’s blog, though the focus there is really on tools that can help other small businesses organize and grow.  That said, my business is nothing without them!

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